domingo, 31 de julho de 2011

IrEn and Natural Beauty at Chic Boutique!

One of my favorite place nowadays is Armenelos! There are so many places there to explore...and here I am again and today i had the super patience to wait Shelly take a pic with me!What a cute seal!
Chic Boutique changed the collection and I started blogging earlier those events. Before i have to stay off again letting my avatar and account available to Linden Lab try discover what is going on and why I cannot use viewer2...sighs ;/
IrEn has done awesome outfits with nice textures to us so this time they bring for Chic Boutique this nice Knit Dress!
Natural Beauty Skins released an awesome skin (Larisa-Sunkissed-SUMMER) with a stunning lilac make-up eyes!So sexy!
This collection is really special I have more designers from this event to blog, but I like to take pics and play and explore! It is to have pleasure and attitude!
I really have friends!!! Wow I asked help to Luccy Sands by Sl Outlet .I needed a nice tip: something that was going on (that could cover my feet!),and she told me that at Super Bargain there was 2 awesome pumps from ! haut.monde and thanks Luccy!Thousands times thank you for all!Smiles (if i become talk what is "the all" i won't finish this post D)!!
Clawtooth released New hairs and the So Many Styles Jewels complete this casual style!

Larisa-Sunkissed-SUMMER for Chic Boutique!
[IREN]-Knit Dress- blue & Natural Beauty for Chic Boutique!
[IREN]-Knit Dress- blue & Natural Beauty for Chic Boutique!
Shelly & Me!

Dress:[IREN]-Knit Dress- blue for Chic Boutique
Skin:Natural Beauty-Larisa-Summer for Chic Boutique
Hair:Clawtooth: Sounds of Silence - Orange you glad New Releases
Necklace:{SMS} Big Native Necklace Blue Not Free here
Bangles:{SMS} Native American Bangles Blue So Many Styles Not Free here
Sheer:Fleshtone :: Wynter Sheer Tights Not Free but Cheap and i wear just one part of the Sheer!
Pumps:! haut.monde - Hondo Pumps - Tan and Cream 60l here for Super Bargain! Luccy Sands Tips!!!
Poses:Poseur and Y&R Not Free

Chic Boutique

sábado, 30 de julho de 2011

Frees!!!!!!Skybox,Chair,Mango Mango Subscribe,Skirt,Cardigan

Frees!!!!!!Skybox,Chair,Mango Mango Subscribe,Skirt,Cardigan




Cardigan:-LaViere- Short Puffy Caridgan (Strawberry) Poupee Hunt here
Skirt:MONS / My lovely birds dress - SubscribeGroupGift here
Skin:!MM! Painting White here
Hair:Clawtooth: A place to call home (birds) Valentine sweets Not Free here
Stockings:*Sheer* Stockings 02: Torn Nylon Black Not free here
Shoes:A-BOMB Lavea Shoes (Glitter) Not Free here
Poses:Del May Not Free
Skybox:L2 studio for Spring Seasons Hunt
Chair::::WEG::: Bird Cage Chair Group Gift on notices.Just join the group and grab yours!World's End Garden
Frame:LISP Mint Frame here


Mango Mango 50l & sYs New Releases!

sys1*** copy



Swimsuit:[sYs] RIVAGE - swimsuit New Releases here
Skin:!MM! Triangles Vamp-Blonde Frex SB New Releases here
Hair:::::Nerd:::: blacks by IrEn Not Free

sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2011

Supernatural Hunt - 01 August until 31 August

A new Hunt is coming!!! 01 August until 31 August

90 stores on this Event!

Start Location Crayon Design

Official Blog: http://supernatural-hunt.blogspot.com/


50l Friday!

50l Friday!

50l Friday!

50l Friday!

Dress:Berries Inc. dahlia dress 50l Friday!here
Skin:LAQ ~ Olivia [Fair] 03 Not Free here
Make-up:L.Fauna Makeup : Marilyn 50l Friday!here
Hair:[e] Charmed - Black 50l Friday!here
Jewels:*League* Pearls & Lace Jewellery Set -Natural Ivory- 50l Friday!here
Bag:::Kookie bag:: Agness ostrich bag / Grass 50l Friday! here
Shoes:::Kookie:: Pipp / Earth pack 50l Friday here
Poses:Poseur, Kuri Style Not Free
Location:*Edelweiss* Le Mont Saint-Michel

quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2011

Super Retro!

I must admit this is my style!
A Second Hand Vintage Dress like this that Iren made for The Fashion Garret, a colorful high heels like those Lelutka stylish ;),a tiny and delicate retro detail like the yummy necklace and I am totally well dressed and ready!
I must assume that I have some necklaces, hats, glasses and many other "Second Hand" stuffs to complete my look!
It gives me an exquisite look in Real Life!We are the spectrum of RL here so is nice make a reflection about what where or how you behave yourself!!^^
I am a collector of nice things from 50's-60's & 70's-80's!
My style is mix the styles and broke the barrier of what is this or that!
I have passion for who has the sensibility to understand a glass,a murano,a cristal,a bacalite,an Ertè Style,a touch of Poiret! I am not sure if I pass all of this on this virtual game but I have a passion for life!=)

[IREN]-My old Dress-TFG

[IREN]-My old Dress-TFG

Dress:[IREN]-My old Dress-TFG BLogger Not Free But Cheap - The Fashion Garret
Skin::Curio: Petal-Stormy-Thunder Not Free here
Hair:!lamb. Lace - Honeycomb Ombre Not free here
Necklace:(Yummy) Travelers Charms Not Free here Not Free
Shoes:[LeLutka]-K.I.A.-TigerLily Not Free here
Poses:Del May Not Free
Location:In Front of Lamb

This is not a long history!

This is not a long history, I am kinda of girl that love play with fire!
Run risks is a vicious!Both Lives!
I met this crocodile at New Toulouse,and Greg is his name!Snickers!
What a bizarre creature and what a character!I love him soooo much!
We played together, I took a cup of tea! But Greg was hungry!:)
The outfit is a creation by Iren, the skin Curio & the hair AOHARU.

[IREN]-A Dress- Chic Boutique

[IREN]-A Dress- Chic Boutique

[IREN]-A Dress for Chic Boutique

.::PiCHi::. Mishka II Pumps - black lace

Outfit:[IREN]-A Dress- turquose Chic Boutique
Skin::GP: Petal Frex [Light] Stormy-Thunder 2 by Curio Skins Not Free
Tatoo::Little Pricks: Love of a Woman Not Free here
Hair:AOHARU_HAIR_Nina01c(Pearl) Not Free here
Bangles:{SMS} Native American Bangles Earth Not Free here
Heels:.::PiCHi::. Mishka II Pumps - black lace for Chic Boutique Not Free but cheap
Poses:Poseur Not Free
Location:New Toulouse Bayou
- Nemesis - Monday dress beeswax for MSW + Lavie Skins

- Nemesis - Monday dress beeswax for MSW + Lavie Skins

- Nemesis - Monday dress beeswax for MSW + Lavie Skins

Dress:- Nemesis - Monday dress beeswax for My Second Wardrobe Not Free but cheap
Skin:* LaVie * Jolie - Diva - Sunkissed #16 Not Free here
Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Libby Hair - Chocolate a past promo gift by Hair Fair now take a taxi until the store and take a look! here
Necklace:Dark Mouse Pearls Forever - Past Group Gift
Shoes:A-BOMB Khitten Shoes-Snakeskin/Thin Heel Not Free here
Pose:Maitreya Not Free
Location:Toulouse Jardin

A new Expo by my friend LeMelonRouge Onyett :10 Hombres & Poupee Hunt!

10 hombres is the name of the new expo by LeMelonRouge Onyett, a real life artist that "brings" his draws to the world and become it in virtual art!
I have a passion for his style and I am a collector of his creations!
I've rezzed boxes on my land , so I hope they never will disappear like my other things.Tears...
Poupee Hunt continues and more 2 lovely items for you:the Wildo Hair (there are on folder other colors!!), and also this casual tee by [Sheep Door].
The skin is Banilacoco skin_Irene - lucky board, join the group and grab your gift and look the lucky boards!They are still on Poupee Hunt so take some time and grab your item!
The shoes is from R2 it is not free but they have style!;)

10 Hombres Expo by LeMelonRouge Onyett
[Sheep Door]  & Wildo at Poupee Hunt!

Tee:[Sheep Door] Vest+GUNJO Tshirts - Poupee Hunt 2011 here
Skirt:WILDO UJSK 50l
Skin:Banilacoco skin_Irene - lucky board here
Hair:WILDO/K2/04* for Poupee Hunt 2011 there are other tons on the folder!here
Earrings:[ glow ] studio - bubbles earrings Not Free here
Sheer:*Sheer* Stockings 02: Torn Nylon Black Not Free here
Shoes:R2 "Aulii" Red Not Free here
Poses:Poseur,Del May Not Free
Location:Pirats Art Network - LeMelonRouge Expo

quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2011

There is a hunt going on called Poupee Hunt & there are 50 stores on the grid like:Pesca,S@bbia,Tokidoki,Wildo and others!
Please Check the official site!
Al Vulo broughts to My Second Wardrobe this awesome skin!This is one of the bargain items from this monthly event!

PouPeeHunt :pesca + S@bbia + Al Vulo for MSW
Outfit:PouPeeHunt #04 by Pesca here
Skin:al vulo- miha * soleil milk My Second Wardrobe
Tatoo:La Malvada Mujer - Cubico 3 Free or a dolarbie
Hair:Maitreya Green II - Coffee Not Free
Shoes:PouPeeHunt #47 -S@BBiA here
Pose:..::Dare::.. is having a closing sale! here
Locations:Everwilde Cafe Lounge - Comunity

Blogged Here
-AZUL- GroupGift1107 Mia (15k Members Memorial)

Gown:-AZUL- GroupGift1107 Mia (15k Members Memorial) Join the Group and get yours!here
Skin::GP: Petal Frex [Dark] Stormy-Tempest 1 by Curio Skins Not Free
Hair:Maitreya Evi - Hazel Not Free
Jewel:ZC : Nizam Jhoomar (head jewel) *white* Not Free
Heels:Maitreya Gold - Aequus Black Not Free
Pose:Maitreya Not Free
Location:BettiePage Voyager

terça-feira, 26 de julho de 2011

Just a simple Shot!

I saw this dolarbie pants at Dancing in The Square and i simple loved it!
C'est Moi made this casual tee for The Fashion Garret I love their casual outfits!
[Me.] has New Releases for us Hair addicts!

Dolarbie Pants,C'est Moi for TFG,[Me.] Hair!
Tee:C'est Moi! fashion victim tshirt for The Fashion Garret
Pants:::7Style:: Cargo Pants Unisex 1l!! here join the group for free & grab the freebies! They have lots of frees!
Skin::GP: Petal Frex [Dark] Stormy-Tempest 1 Not Free by Curio Skins
Hair:[Me.] Jacqui - everything New Releases! Here
Pumps:Fleshtone :: White-Black Koda Platform Pumps Not Free here
Belt:*COCO*_gift-belt Past Group Gift for Members!Free to join! here
Pose:Maitreya Not Free

domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

Summer times, and it is very hot!!
My outfit is appropriate for a break going to the beach and feeling the sand and the ocean!
Seasons Hunts is going on and i just Blog now the shorts by The Secret Store!Check it ou there are some freebies there and I think I already blogged some ;).The hair is by Ingenue free creation that you can find at Savoir Hairs.Ttoos and bras made by Artilleri.
My feet are vey sexy with this Jolie Slink Feet.
I am Bombshell!of course I could not wear another skin by Curio!This amazing face call Stormy and watching my tv by Ponitee i rest in this dolarbie summer skybox by La Flat you can find more cheap skys in a wall of the store or check them out at the Marketplace!

:Curio: Petal-Stormy-Tempest
The Rippen Vintage Beach Shack Skybox
The Secret Store - Seasons  Hunt

Bra:/artilleri/ Jackie bikini top (shirt) *TDR* Past TDR
Shorts:The Secret Store - Summer beach shorts - Coral Seasons Hunt
Skin::GP: Petal Frex [Dark] Stormy-Tempest 1 New Releases! here
Make-up::GP: May-Bonus Makeup 1 past Skin Fair Gift
Tatoo:/artilleri/ Old school II tattoo Not Free here
Hair:Ingenue :: Myrna :: Ash Blonde @ Savoir Hair Free! here
Feet:SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Tiptoes Not Free here
Poses:Poseur, Lap, Maitreya all not free

Tv:dorif TV:::ponitee Lucky Board! here
SkyBox:The Rippen Vintage Beach Shack Skybox 1l It is not new but i simply love my skys!;) La Flat

sábado, 23 de julho de 2011

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own

A unique voice,
A talented girl
27 years
A problematic sensitive girl and everybody knew about this and no one made anything!!!
Amy gone.
I even can write more than this, i am just listening and looking those big eyes from her.
Let's try remember Amy Winehouse in the beginning of her success!
Oh La La for TFG - Ensoleille
Oh La La for TFG - Ensoleille
Oh La La for TFG - Ensoleille

Blogged Here

I took a lil break of 3 days & now I am back!

Sometimes we need know stop, take a break and I did this with laerke during 3 days!
This is not a competition and Like other "healthy bloggers" (lol), I like don't rush, try don't copy & take my time to make my shots!Rofl
I am wearing a Body nude by sur+ for The Seasons Hunt, and again I repeat the gorgeous skin Tulip by Natural Beauty for The Fashion Garret, Mina Hair made a lot of news to Hair Fair and I could not blog in that moment because Linden Lab was F** my account and still is...It is a long history ....Hey i am back! But i will not and never rush! And always share with you my locations and my poses ;)!!!

Coco Designs Bare Feet Group Gft,+ Seasons Hunt , Mina Hair!

Body:sur+ for Seasons Hunt here
Skin:Natural Beauty-Tulip-Special edition for The Fashion Garret
Tatoo:La Malvada Mujer - Cammeo Not Free
Hair:MINA Hair - Doortje By Mina Hairs Not Free
Barefeet:Coco Designs Group Gift here
Pose:Del May Not Free
Location:here (forgot the name) But i am generous and of course i always blog nowadays the place i take a shot!

quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

World's End Garden New Sim New Group Gift

World's End Garden New Sim New Group Gift

There is a new group gift for members at World's End Garden!!!
The Sim Moved!!! here

Outfit::::WEG::: Le Delnier Lamento Free For Members!
Skin:LAQ ~ Mima 08 [Pale] Glow skin Not Free here
Hair:Slink Rebecca Hair Caramel Not Free here

terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

Cupcakes War Hunt
Cupcakes War Hunt
Cupcakes War Hunt
Cupcakes War Hunt

Cupcake:Atooly - Cupcake Cutie Mouthie White Hunt Item
FreakyDesign - Cupcake NomNom here Hunt Item
Tee:! JCz Fuckin' Teez ! - Nude Cupcake here
Panties:DLT-cupcake panty Hunt Item!here
Skin:Tulip-pale-db-05 by Natural Beauty for The Fashion Garret
Hair:(r)M ~ Hair No.11 (F) ~ Satin Blond Not Free here
Bangles:Cupcake War Hunt Gift - Brat! Cupcake Retro here
Shoes:ZC CupCake War Hunt Item - ZERO COOL Designz Hunt Item here

Skybox:Atooly - FlowerDots Skybox Hunt Item
Cupboard @ ~La'Licious~ Cupcake Bookshelf Hunt Item Hunt Item
.:Evilkyoot:. Sweet Lazy Loungin'here Hunt Item
**Comfy Within** White-Pink Sofa here Hunt Item
ponitee:::Change URL & Texture Recordrack-1 Not Free

The Other Things I aready blogged under this post ... so just take a look!
Cupcake War Hunt
Cupcake War Hunt
Cupcake War Hunt

Pants:Japozilian :: cupcakewar Jeans, Bra and Panties!here Hunt Item
Skin:Tulip-pale-db-05 by Natural Beauty for The Fashion Garret
Hair:(r)M ~ Hair No.10(F) ~ Cashmere Red New Release! Not Free
Cupcake on Mounth:Atooly - Cupcake Cutie Mouthie White Hunt Item
Bangles:Brat! Cupcake Retro - Cupcake War Hunt
Shoes:ZC CupCake War Hunt Item - ZERO COOL Designz here

Shelf:~La'Licious~ Cupcake Bookshelf Cupcake War Hunt
Skybox:Atooly - FlowerDots Skybox Cupcake War Hunt
Fan:by Fin
MARITIMA Box of Records - Marketplace not free but it was 40l!!!

segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

Cupcake War Hunt!!!!

There is another Hunt on the grid (There is a bunch of new hunts)! Gosh!
This Calls Cupcake War Hunt - Date: July 15th until august 13th.
The official blog is http://cupcakewarhunt.wordpress.com/ and if you want take a look at the flickr:
There are 75 stores participating of this funny and colorful event!
Theme: Cupcakes or 2 or more colors ahh Of course you must find a cupcake!
I got this Brat! Outfit, and the Urco tatoo and also the pretty cute skybox made Atooly!I loved this hunt!
Have fun!

Cupcake War Hunt Gift - Brat! Cupcake Retro
*Boof. Too Sweet Sign belong to an outfit!
Atooly - FlowerDots Skybox
Atooly - FlowerDots Skybox - Cupcake War Hunt

Outfit:Cupcake War Hunt Gift - Brat! Cupcake Retro here Attention: There is a skirt but i am not wearing! Hunt Item
Skin:Tulip-pale-db-05 by Natural Beuaty The Fashion Garret
Tatoo:URCo.>Cupcake tattoo-CCW Hunt Gift - < Urban Republic Co > here
Hair:pr!tty : Athena - rich brown - New Releases! here The Store is under construction!Let's wait!
Shoes:.: vive9 :. RITA Boots in Gold Sparkle here Not Free
Poses:Everglow & Kuri Style Not Free
Skybox:Atooly - FlowerDots Skybox here Hunt Item